Really, I'm stuffed

Not from Thanksgiving, although I did eat three pants-splitting servings of stuffing. Wait, did I already blog about that? Perhaps I'm also stuffed brain-wise.

Anyway, I'm stuffed from trying to meet my trainer's recommended protein servings: roughly the same grams as your weight. This means 137 grams of protein. That's 21 oz of chicken breast. I've been eating about 3-4 oz of meat with my mini meals -- now I'm aiming for 6 oz., which I can tell you for sure is hard -- I've been working on my "salad" for about an hour. When does it normally take me an hour to eat, people? I feel like I'm on Atkins, which actually may not be a bad thing (minus the bacon cheeseburgers).

It'll be no prob. not going over 1,500 calories at this rate. The last thing I want to do right now is freaking eat. This is weird!


  1. My head almost exploded... WHAT?!? 137 grams of protein... insane in the membrane!

    When I was pregs with Kid I did the Bradley Method.. they advocate a high protein intake 120 grams.. I found that to be nearly impossible... and then Kid was so freaking huge and her head was the size of a pumpkin and I had to have a C-section... thanks for nothin' Dr. Bradley..

    anyway back to you... that is crazy.

  2. Pumpkin head made me laugh out loud. If my office didn't operate at the sound level of a morgue, this would be ok.

    Truly. I am SO Freaking full (Still! Four hours after lunch!) the very last thing I want to eat is more meat! I've already eaten THREE eggs today along with the chicken. I've got at least 50 more grams of protein to eat. God help me.

  3. and I've only had like 800 calories today! WTF???????????????????????? This shizzle is crazzzzzzzzzy!

  4. Stop the madness!

    I can't go for that no nooo no can do...

  5. That is just TOO much. I'm studying nutrition and we always cringe when we hear ideas coming from personal trainers. You have to understand that they are not nutrition experts and too much protein can turn into fat. Also, our bodies need carbs! It is the most efficent fuel and believe me, there's no harm in it as long as you eat it in moderation. With that said, if you're not planning on eating like this forever, then ditch it quick...earlier the better!

  6. word

    (you know I love when I can say that!)

  7. It's true gals, I can't do it. I ended up yesterday with 1435 calories and 107 grams of protein. After the four ounces of turkey (which I'm totally sick of, btw), I thought I was going to hurl. I managed to choke down 2 T of natural peanut butter a few hours later, then called it a night. This friends, is how you stay under your calorie limit. Now I know the secret. But I STILL feel full. It's crazzy.


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