I'm a total lunatic. The guests for my foo-foo dinner party are arriving in an hour, and I'm running around like crazy. I stopped for a minute to catch my breath/clear off the coffee table/unload the dishwasher/load the dishwasher/make the bed/pack for my biz trip manana. The salad is made. The fancy dressing is made. The roast has been pan-seared and is cooking. The potatoes washed, cut and seasoned and ready to go in the oven. Strawberries washed and sliced. Slight change to the dessert -- no Mollie Stone's cake, but Safeway now has the coveted molten chocolate lava cakes. I *cannot* wait! Grapes have been washed. I need to set out the crackers and cheeses. And do all the other stuff above.

Dear god. Is it too early to start drinking? I had Starbucks an hour ago and STILL feel like I'm going to drop.

Oh, and here's my food diary today -- equally insane:

fiber one, banana, milk (same every single morning)
post-workout (that's right people, despite getting shitty sleep 2 nights in a row and having a zillion things to do, I got in my workout. Sans Ipod -- the mini ipod has bit the dust. More on that in a minute. Anyhoo, I had an apple and peanut butter
more peanut butter, as I was running a zillion errands.
about 5-6 oz of rotisserie chicken
2 handfuls of golden raisins
1 whole wheat pita with olive oil

I can't think of anything else.

Oh so back to ipod -- I bought a cute little wee ipod shuffle today in silver. it's badass. I like that I only have to turn it on. It will be my official workout ipod, which is pretty much the same as the other one, except this one actually works.

More to come tomorrow post-party.... wish me luck!


  1. I'm sure the party was a success.

    And "is it too early to start drinking?" WHAT kind of question is that? Once you START cooking, you can START drinking ~ha ha.


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