Our Super Annoying But Exceptionally Talented Wedding Photographer

Man am I annoyed. After our wedding, we were told that our pictures would be in 4-6 weeks. I waited 6 weeks. I started emailing him around 6 weeks. Three unanswered emails later, I had my mom write a letter to them -- she was the one that paid them after all. Plus if you've ever seen her mad you know she is SCARY!

So anyway, we got a lovely message back finally that said, you didn't get our previous emails? I have a theory about our lovely photographer. He's one of those artsy types, like my husband, who is BRILLIANT at creating things and not so-good with minor details like email. I once typed an email to Peter that listed several things, then wrote at the bottom:

If you're still reading this it means you get lucky tonight!

I asked him later if he read my email. He said yes. He meant no -- clearly I would have seen another reaction from him if that was the case. My point: artsy types = not so good on details.

So anyway, I think Joe (photographer) is wonderful photographer. Seriously, our pictures (which I really would love to share with you, but since I don't have them and the website access is effed up, I can't) are *AMAZING*. But I think his wife Kate is the brains/admin behind the business, and without her he would be SCREWED. He said he had emailed me. Folks, I obsessively check my gmail -- too many times to count -- all day. Obsessively. I clearly would have paid attention to an email from our wedding photog. Also, if you know anything about Gmail, you know that it has an amazing archive/search function, so you can find any message you've ever received about anything. I have searched. Joe did not email. I suspect he told Kate that he did, and he really meant to, but folks, there were no emails.

So we finally hear from Kate (not Joe). They're sending the proof book and the DVD/CD with all of the images. Peter refuses to look at the images online; he said it's like watching the end of the movie before the beginning (whatevs), so he still hasn't seen the pictures.

I've been tracking it on UPS.com to find out where it was. Today it was delivered to our old address. I gave him our new address in August, like 2 days before the wedding. Mind you, my parents paid an ARM AND A LEG for this photographer. Our experience with this guy is now complete. I'm afraid to call you Mom, for fear your head will actually explode.


  1. I read this and felt "ARGGGGH!!" for you! I hope you get those photos soon!


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