Oh Insomnia, You Never Leave

Here I am. It's 10:42 p.m. as I begin to type this. I'm exhausted. So exhausted I fell asleep in meditation class -- as predicted. It was a really good class though. I've only been to a Unitarian Church once before, so that was interesting anyway, but the class isn't affiliated with that at all. The instructor was British, which is always soothing. We sat in silence for the first 15-20 minutes. The goal is to pay attention to your breath, and not let the chattering to-do lists take over. Gently push those thoughts away, she instructed, and concentrate on your breathing. That's when I fell asleep. I did the head catch thing like on the airplane, where my head started to fall backwards and I woke up to catch it. I was self-conscious the other students were going to tsk-tsk me. But they didn't. 

After the initial meditation, the instructor talked about why meditation is important (but she didn't do it in a salesy kind of way, which I appreciated). Then she talked about this week's topic: anger. And how when the angry mind takes over all reason and compassion for another person go right out the window, and you forget that the person you're angry with has a full range of actions & behaviors, not just the really irritating ones. That it distorts your perception of what's real. I have to agree, and I found the class really helpful. It's a shame it's 15 miles away -- with a zillion stoplights in between. But I think I'll go back next week; the topic is patience, which ah, is not my long suit.

So why am I awake? I have no idea. I started panicking, and Peter suggested a glass of wine. He's really smart. Sometimes. :)


  1. it's so cool how ur able to attend class + have a personal trainer! lucky u!

  2. Caveman-girl: you can have the trainer too -- go to www.phit-n-phat.com

    You fill out an application and wait to be accepted; she gives you 8 weeks worth of exercise routines, an eating guide (which is very caveman like), and lots of support and advice on how to get to your fitness goals. It's *insanely* affordable.

  3. Interesting. I tried a meditation class once, but I was in college and my girlfriend and I had to do our best to not giggle at each other. I would like to try it again, now that I am a *Grown Up* ha ha.

    Wine. Wine works for me. Have a great weekend.


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