New list of things

Mrs. F writes a list of things she's anxious about. Last week I typed them into a Word document, then saved it something crazy-funny like, My Life. But this week I thought it would be more helpful (for me of course) to put them on here. And this week I have less to put in there.

Now, let me just say up front loud and clear: please do not try to tell me not to worry about this stuff. That's not the point of the list. The point is to get it out there, and to somehow have some of the anxiety alleviated. Telling me not to worry just makes me wonder WTF is wrong with me for worrying, and then I go into a WTF Is Wrong With Me in general tailspin. Basically, you'd be contributing to my insanity.


  1. It will help!

    I have gotten so many things off my list when I would normally allow myself to wallow around crippled by them. It also helps me identify which tiny things are just adding to stress level that are completely doable like "I bought too much meat" for instance ;)

    and by the way it sounds like you have a few very real stressors that would make anyone anxious (well if they were healthy enough not to repress their negative fellings that is).

  2. Thanks! The fertility and where we're going to be in the next 6 months are crazy stressful! I'm not good with taking things one day at a time.

  3. so I are you worried you'll have fertility issues... or you have already been trying?

  4. You read my mind up until Peter! Everyday is a constant anxiety-fest...and anxiety runs on the female side of my family so I try hard to avoid it! Doesn't usually work. I think I may have to start drinking.

  5. good morning!

    ding ding ding ding "come and get IT!

  6. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog. I'm queen of worrying too. My b.f. always questions why I worry. There is no reason why. It just IS. I worry. Therefore I am.


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