Birthday-Rama Begins!

Here's a picture of my mom -- see where I get it?

My Birthday-Rama has begun, so I broke the rules and opened a present 6 days ahead of my birthday. Big props to Mom, who sent me a fantastic fitness ensemble from Lucy for my birthday. Turning 34 never looked so fabulous. I'm basically obsessed with the color raisin/port/eggplant these days, and the ensem is indeed said color. I honestly cannot wait to wear it. Mom, you're a gem. Thanks for supporting me in my fitness goals!

Today = no workout, which I kinda enjoyed. I hauled ASS on the treadmill last night -- literally, it's from Corinne's Work Your Butt Off Cardio Routines book, and I sweated like a demon for 50 minutes! The weird thing was our CEO was on the elliptical machine right behind me. I was really glad I didn't have gas.

Peter and I are having our first dinner party (not counting Make Your Own Pizza Night -- always a hit!) on Sunday night. We're making roast beef tenderloin with red wine sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, some type of vegetable, and the very best part -- chocolate cake from Mollie Stone's. Last year someone from work got one for me and I ate half the cake (over a few days, yes I did yessireee no denyin here). Copious amounts of wine are also planned, although not too much since I have to get on a plane to Charlotte Monday morning. I'm going to try not to kill myself acting crazy about the menu. But this is me we're talking about people. I'll obsess over the napkin layout. I'm actually hoping to do some major prep work so the actual cooking is no sweat. We're having a cheese and olive plate for the appetizers. Our very favorite 2 other couples are coming -- I refuse to make time on the weekends for mediocre friends.

What that sound you ask? Oh, that's just the incessant ticking of my biological clock and the desperate cry from my diminishing supply of unfertilized eggs begin to mutate, ensuring me only the promise of three-headed offspring. Nevermind that...


  1. I'm so jealous. My dream in life is to have kick arse dinner parties. I even have them planned in my head already.

    Koo-Koo. Koo-Koo. I know.

  2. Good luck!

    I am currently trying to decide if I want to throw a christmas party or not... last time I ended up throwing a whopper at Mr F during our night before preparations... not so good. perfectionistic party planning can cause me to start threatening divorce... so I have to think this through VERY carefully!

  3. I'm going to try very hard -- across the boards -- to not be crazy. I'm going to put the husband in charge of potatoes and going to get the cake. Well maybe not. I'm a total control freak. I can't let go. Yet I bitch about having to do it all.... oh the incessant cycle!


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