I'm TOTALLY faking it.

I didn't exercise today and went over my calories by a whole 79. 79. The crazy would ordinarily be freaking out. But the sane as of the writing of this post, is winning. I had a kinda cheat meal today: pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup, yet I am still within my calories. I kinda rule. And if you read the headline you know I'm just writing this to get in a better mindset.

I'm headed to Glide in the morning for my dose of amazing music. And then I'm taking a long walk with my freshly loaded ipod.

Other tidbits o' da day:

  • I was coveting this vest and went to see it at the store as a possible Christmas wish for Santa. but they didn't have it. I stopped by my beloved TJ Maxx and saw this. For ONE THIRD of the price. Actually more than that. The nicey nicey was $150. This was $39.99. Sweeeet. Sorry Santa I bought it.
  • I did 8 loads of laundry. Eight. And the dog got a bath. And my upstairs boyfriend, He-Man the cat, and I had a love session. I'm allergic to cats and generally dislike them; He-Man is the exception. He's so sassy -- he's snuck into our apartment three times, and curled up in the corner of our bedroom.
  • I'm generally bored out of my gourd here at home this weekend; no plans (I could have gone up to the city but it's so far) and Peter is hard at work on his Michelin Challenge deadline. So very very bored.


  1. Heather, I'm tagging you if you're interested, check my blog.

    Also, 79 calories is nothing so you are good to not freak out. And on a cheat meal as well. Not bad. You certainly kinda rule.


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