Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, when I think about what I was doing/where I was last year at this time, I'm kinda stunned by what a year it's been. To simplify, 33 flew by. FLEW.

One year ago:
  • the lovely Megan and her husband came to visit me; I had been here for 14 months and it was her first trip away from her daughter. We went to Napa, it was great.
  • my friends had just barely gotten to know my new boyfriend, ahem, now my husband
  • I had just run a half-marathon (which I was really proud of)
  • After which I basically gave up working out for the entire month of November, which caused me to gain weight and feel like a total fatass last Christmas
  • I was completely unmotivated at work, due in part because my boss was *literally* writing his novel about the gold rush while at work. I am not kidding or exaggerating.
  • I was living in the city and really, really hating my commute. But loving the city.
And here I am, one year later. Married. Living in the burbs. On the edge of hopefully a new adventure in moving, jobs and life. Here's what I hope 34 will bring me (not in any order):

  1. A new job
  2. A new apartment
  3. A baby (at least a start at one)
  4. A very small bikini and the realization of my goals
  5. A honeymoon!
  6. Some freaking sanity when it comes to my body. Good luck with that and pregnancy, right?
  7. A trip to Norway! Finally!
Overall, the actual day today was very bleh. That's what a business trip will do for you. My boss and I went to Macaroni Grill for dinner; the really chubby waitress recommended the steak salad vs. the Skinny chicken because the chicken "looks way too healthy." I ordered the chicken. The snafu was the damn focaccia: I forgot to eat after my workout (?!!?). I was so tired today; didn't sleep well last night, and just wanted to lay down after my workout. I had a whole 10 minutes between my shower and when I had to get ready for dinner, and I forgot to eat. So I ate focaccia today. Oh well.


  1. do not worry about the focaccia... shockingly not that bad.. I think 500 for the whole loaf!

    good luck with the tiny bikini and the start of a baby... lol... you better not "start" trying until after your trip!

    and of course... Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Happy day of your birth.

    Isn't totally freakin' crazy how much our lives can change in one silly year, ah?

    Tiny bikini? just do it. Shit. we only once.

  3. your blog is wonderful reminds me of me nearly 30 years ago, food, fuck it,it's the bane of my existence, has always been and will always be... i had an eating disorder for over 20 years and call myself a' recovering ed' but really deep down it never goes....hey, i am rambling on, just feel it's so easy to talk to you. happy happy b day....you go girl!


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