Great week

While the week started out rocky, it's turned out to be fairly positive. Let's review why:

  • Mentally: I've managed to identify what was bogging me down and list my anxieties (thanks Mrs. F for the suggestion), and use some basic logic to alleviate them. Kickass.
  • Physically: This girl is now a cardio work horse. I've gotten in THREE sessions of cardio, am doing a FOURTH today and am planning a FIFTH tomorrow. Watch out! This girl's on a mission. I've also stayed on target eating-wise every day. Awesome.
  • Other: We're coming home for Christmas. Ohthankgod. The thought of not was seriously bumming me out.
  • I'm in a new office space and feel like I'm starting this job all over again. This is good. Together, with our new super-high-powered VP, this job may turn out alright after all. God only knows what will happen to my blogging if I have actual work to do.


  1. Hush! Don't say that! They might actually make you do work in the office!

    Are you still doing all your strength stuff on top of the cardio? They're both important right?

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I am! Three strength training workouts this week, plus my hella-crazy cardio schedule. I'm a machine!

  3. Good week!

    so when you say clean eatin'... what exactly are we tslking about?

  4. The Eat-Clean-Diet should be called the DUH diet. It's eating food that's not processed. No sugar. No alcohol. I eat really boring foods every day; 6 mini-meals worth 200-300 cals. Fiber One is generally the most processed thing I eat. There's a book about it, but it's a waste of money. Eat vegetables and protein and whole grains. Avoid sugar and booze. Here's what I ate today:

    M1: fiber one, strawberries, milk
    M2: homemade pumpkin-oatmeal bars with a zillion egg whites so they have lots of protein.
    M3: grilled chicken, spinach and roasted red peppers, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.
    M4: 28 g cashews (I weighed 'em), 44 g dates
    M5: I dunno yet.

    Sometimes I skip M6. I'm not a big fan of eating protein right before I go to bed, unless you count milk with cookies. :)

    And the rule is you get one cheat meal a week, which I like to call Food Orgy. Last night it was bread, pizza and calzone. Yay!

  5. homemade pumpkin-oatmeal bars

    I need that recipe!

  6. oh and thanks for humoring me...

    so eating 6 mini meals where at least 3 of them are mini twix doesn't count... right?

    I have in the past been a big fan of The G.I. Diet... sounds similar (I'm having deja vu.. have I already told you about that?)

  7. The GI diet? Never heard of it -- do tell.

    Here's the recipe, but with a caveat: the bars are a little dense for my taste. Perhaps your baking prowess can improve them (maybe baking powder?)

    1 can pumpkin
    6 egg whites
    1 c raisins (I used the golden ones)
    3.75 c oatmeal
    1.25 c unsweetened applesauce
    Loads of cinnamon
    A pinch or two of salt.

    Mix ingredients. Spread flat in a baking pan. Bake 45 minutes at 325. Divide into 8 portions. Nutritional breakdown:

    Cals, fat, carb, fiber, protein.
    244.9375 2.8875 47.05625 6.5625 8.2625

    Lemme know if you can figure out a way to make them less dense. They're fairly tasty, although I wouldn't get the TJ's organic pumpkin again -- Libby's is WAY better.

  8. Thanks.

    I'm going to work with it and I'll give you my changes. :)


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