Um, when did my blog become so dark and crazy? Looking back at my posts when I first moved to Calif, I realized my posts aren't nearly so light and funny. Hmm.

I've thought about this and frankly I think it's my job. I get kicked around a lot. Talked down to. Ignored. Dismissed. BUT with new management and people who "get it" it's getting better every day, for sure. Today I moved into my shiny new cube. Woo-woo! I had to say goodbye to beloved orange chair, which I was THRILLED to discover made an appearance in the film All the President's Men. Click here for the photo of said chair with Jason Robards. Apparently the old chair is not allowed in the shiny new cubes. Apparently there are orange haters out there. How can you hate orange? It's so sunny and wonderful.

Anyhoo. I'm in my new cube, surrounded by boxes. I have to figure out a place my gold-starred Domo-kun calendar to sit that doesn't make it look like I'm 14. Even though at heart I secretly still am. I thought about putting candy out to encourage visitors but according to my Hardball For Women book this is not a good idea -- it fosters the notion of women being nurturers and homey in the workplace, which is not "Corporate Behavior." I am positive Domo-kun is not appropriate, but I cannot give him up. I am in love with him.