250 calories allowed for dinner, gulp

I know that sounds like a lot, and what could I possibly be worried about. Friends, I have just received an invitation to have dinner with my boss at a very lovely, yet- impossibly priced-thank-god-we're-expensing-it place. Here are the beef options:

SUNDANCE SIGNATURE ENTRÉES All Beef, Seafood & Poultry entrées are served with freshly baked sourdough bread, steamed seasonal vegetables & your choice of Idaho baked potato, roasted garlic mashed potatoes or wild rice pilaf
AWARD-WINNING SLOW-ROASTED PRIME RIB Our Famous, Certified Angus Prime Ribs of Beef are slow-roasted for over 8 hours & carved lean to order. Hot au jus & creamy horseradish served aside.
The Petite Cut, 8 oz. $23.95The Standard Cut, 10 oz. $26.95The House Cut, 12 oz. $29.95

The Shareholder's Cut, 14 oz. $32.95
CLASSIC STEAKHOUSE CUTS OF CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEFAfter properly aging our premium Certified Angus Beef for 28 days we then cut your steak fresh daily by our in-house butcher. All steaks are charbroiled over an open flame using a custom grill designed for our steakhouse. U.S.D.A Prime-Graded where indicated.
**Complete your steak eating experience with an additional side dish. These additions are served on the side & are ideal to share. **Classic Creamed Spinach 3.95Sauteed Button Mushrooms 3.95
Center Cut of Top Sirloin, 10 oz. $25.95Specially Aged. Thick & juicy.
U.S.D.A. Prime New York Strip, 13 oz. $38.95Our most flavorful steak is specially aged to ensure tenderness. Maker's Mark Whiskey Peppercorn Sauce.
U.S.D.A. Prime Filet Mignon Cabernet Mushroom Bordelaise Sauce.The Sundance Cut, 7 oz. $34.95The Fletcher's Cut, 11 oz. $42.95
Teriyaki Filet Mignon Skewer $26.95Basted with a Hawaiian Teriyaki Glaze.
Bone-In Ribeye Steak, 23 oz. Market PriceSpecially aged 'Cowboy' Cut.

The chicken choices are served in cream/butter sauces. Same with the damn salmon.

I've bolded the choice I've selected. I'm going to order it with steamed veggies (two orders) and possibly half of a baked potato. Then I've got to high-tail it home for a hard cardio session, even though if you look at the chart to your right, you'll see that today was supposed to be legs day. I am not coming back to this damn office to do leg day. This is the challenge of working out at the office. However, since our new fitness center opened at our apartment complex, I'll be sweatin it out there.

That is the plan. I know you're glued to your computer with these thrilling updates!