Wonky Explained

I got a cold sore on my lip today! That's why I've been wonky/down in the dumps/weird the past day or so. It happens every time. Me and my huge lip are going to bed soon to get some extra rest, but I wanted to post a few things.

1. I think I'm done tracking calories. I'm back to picking a protein and a carb, plus at least 2 veggie servings a day. As one of my favorite bloggers said it best, counting calories and tracking all of that is just one step outside Crazy Town. For me, it isn't helpful, and in fact tonight, since I had only eaten 700 calories today, I decided that Trader Joe's pizza and a glass of wine was a suitable dinner. I now have heartburn. But not guilt; tonight will be my cheat meal, and I'm back on track tomorrow. Never mind that I have dinner plans in the city. Never mind that at all.

2. I did yoga tonight! It went well. I'm happy to be back at it. My foot feels better. Woo-woo!

3. If per se I was to visit Crazy Town, I'll be in good company, for Mrs. Baylee has completely lost it. I made the mistake of buying her a peanut butter booda bone, and all she wants to do is bury it. By bury it I mean she wants to dig an imaginary hole and push imaginary dirt over it. I am not kidding. To make her look only slightly less crazy, I put a dishtowel on her bed, and now she likes to move it around to "bury" her bone. Click here to see an actual video of this -- please note, I was on the phone with the husband when I started shooting. A true multitasker, I am.



  1. HILARIOUS! That makes me miss Mrs. Baylee.:(

  2. Very funny. My dog does the same thing. But unfortunately she hides her bones inbetween couch cushions, in our laundry baskets, in hubby's hockey bag. I watched her hide one in the middle of her pillow just trying to push it into an imaginary hole I guess. so cute.


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