Today's Deal

Here's what's going on in my world.

  • In my ongoing quest to fake as much bravado and professionalism I can at work, I just had a very professional and positive conversation in the hallway with the guy who previously needed a visit from Sexual Harassment Panda. He actually went to pump fists with me. I made sure I used my left hand, and my wedding ring stuck out and hopefully hurt him a little. Let that be a reminder: I take my vows seriously, asshole.
  • I went to Whole Foods, I mean Whole Paycheck today. Reluctantly. I didn't cook enough/bring enough food to work today to eat, and was uninspired by the cafeteria offerings. I saw they had roasted chicken, and naturally the price wasn't posted, so using the tongs, I proceeded to grab pieces, then shake them until the meat came off, and then I put the bones back. I am positive this was not good kharma. However, I refuse to pay for chicken bones.
  • On the way back to the office I saw a guy driving while trying to put on his seat belt, and eating a salad with a fork. I am not making it up.
  • My freaking foot is killing me, and the panic train has attempted to leave the station several times. I have told it no.
  • Megan and I have started a joint blog: Fist pump to you Megan (with my right hand)