This is what I'm talkin bout

Here's a good idea of the direction I'm headed, peeps. Minus the post-partum stuff. I mean, one step at a time, ok?


  1. I saw your comment on Angela's blog, and thought I'd take a look. I like how you have everything so organized on the side of your blog like that.

    What a wonderful goal...Jamaica!

    Good luck to you...although it looks like your doing great already.

  2. well my jaw just hit the floor... WTF?!?! Why am I the only person in the freaking world who can't gain 50+ pounds during pregnancy w/o having my stomach turn into sagging corduroy? Damn you mother!

  3. I know. I sincerely hope I'm that lucky, although given the corduroy-like marks on my boobs that remain from my "spurt" at puberty, I seriously doubt it. Damn genetics.

  4. Hey thanks Colette, and welcome!

  5. Here is the test... have you seen your mother's stomach? Oddly I never had. Now I know why... her's is exactly like mine!
    Fret not.. you'll probably be fine. I did have stretch marks from puberty, but I have heard those are hormonal.
    I also know one woman who got them pretty bad and yet her sister had twins and didn't get any. Now that would have killed me!

  6. How is that even possible? in 3 months? Crazy. (and inspirational!)
    And I hear self tanner can do wonders for stretch marks...


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