They Tried to Make Me Go to Yoga, but I Say No, No, No

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head, and actually spent at least 2-3 minutes while slicing berries for my cereal debating the merit of Amy Winehouse's talent. Overhyped? Maybe. She's had some run ins with the law and ahem, drug use (feign shock), so I suppose her Cool Quotient in LA went up exponentially cause of that. I really like LA, but really don't like LA's immorality at the same time.

So anyway. For the past I dunno, 18 months, I've shunned yoga. I've done a class here and there, but for the most part, haven't been interested. I find it ego-taming, and when I moved out here, for whatever reason, I needed ego pumping. Plus yoga places in the city are a little fanatical and there's a very strong self-righteous vibe that had me annoyed the whole class, the few times I went to an actual class and paid money. You guys know how cheap I am: if I pay more than $10 I'd better BE IN LOVE WITH IT.

So I wasn't. Instead, I trained for the half, ran it, then um, got married and worked on basically looking really hot in my dress. If you need to see photographic evidence of the resulting hot-ness, just ask. :) Although I will say that I'm sorry I drank 2 glasses of wine before the pictures, cause I forgot to suck in my admittedly flatter-but-still-there gut. Oh well.

But now folks, cause of said foot injury, I can't run. I mean for fitness anyway -- I suppose if my life was in danger I could muster a shuffle.

So I'm heading back to yoga. I've heard it's good for the injury -- stabilizes the tendon, strengthens it, and actually, not to get all spiritual and $^it on you, but I've really been craving a time to get more centered, calm, mindful, etc. Tame that ego. Calm the eff down. Chill out. Be less hyper/crazy/angry. How can that be a bad thing?

I have a date with my mat tomorrow morning.

In other news, I'm thinking more and more about pursuing some type of education to be a dietician. How cool is that? I think my previous experience and education and my general outlook, which we all know is advocacy/fanatic, would position to be to run some kickass goverment program to education people about the benefits of nutrition. Apparently they'll be a need for those types, as the country gets larger and larger and larger. So I'm thinking about it. Thinking thinking. We'll see where it fits into our short and long term plans.