To self: Don't worry, it's ok that you've had two very full glasses of wine, despite the calories and the fact you feel a cold coming on. Your secret is safe with me.


  1. You are a riot! Hope you had fun with the wine and the husband! (was this your date?)
    Also, stop freaking about the body fat! If you're going to freak, freak and eat healthy and elliptical the freak away or something. You know, that might make a difference? Do you really just want to see the number you want or do you want to lose the fat?

  2. what kind of hair product are using? Your curls are defined and glossy!

  3. Hi Mrs!

    I could literally all day about hair products. Here's my current line up:

    Redken Smooth down shampoo and conditioner
    Bumble and Bumble Curl Cream

    The trick is to put product in when your hair is wet, then DO NOT TOUCH IT until it's dry. It takes EONS for my hair to dry, so this can be challenging.

  4. Hi Randi!

    I'm home from work today; stress + anxiety + feeling a cold coming on = no work. But I think you're right --the cardio is the key. I did cardio 4 days last week and am aiming for 6 this week. Baby steps!

  5. Seriously 6 days of cardio?!?

    Okay I'm in... I'll do it too. But I'm going to have to make some of those 30 min. I need to get remotivated maybe this will work!

    Oh Bumble & Bumble... love that stuff. The shampoo for women of color has kind of backfired.. it is too heavy (it doesn't even sud.. is sud a word?!?)


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