A Serious Case of the Mondays

Here's the list of things I forgot today:

  • My Blackberry ***
  • My camera, syncing cable and charger (I weighed this morning and took a picture of the scale)
  • My other phone charger, since I left it here at the office all weekend and missed many text messages and a few calls
  • My wedding rings
  • My allergy medicine
  • To sensor my internal morning grouchy aversion to Mr. Snugglepuss hanging on for dear life when the alarm clock goes off, and barked at him right out of the gates today. Ow.

However, here are the things I remembered:
  • 2 eggs, 1 white with salsa and spinach
  • Cardboard-remniscent Wasa Hearty Crispbread. I can't eat this stuff anymore, unless it's going to be slathered in peanut butter or pesto or something that actually has flavor.
  • Chicken, to be added to the Greek salad that I vetoed last night in favor of more pizza.
  • My aligners, which is a miracle, since I've forgotten these a lot lately. That's right Mr. Orthodontist, I'm a sucky patient lately.
  • My workout clothes, sans sports bra. That's right. In the Bermuda Triangle of our apartment, I have misplaced my white, incredibly expensive sportsbra. I brought an older one, and will pray for little bouncing, as my girls can't take it.

*** My boss called me today at the office and said, you forgot your blackberry. I said, yes, I know. He said, I had a lovely conversation with P. Then P called about the damn flat tire fix -- btw I absolutely screwed up the tire, so the whole thing has to be replaced, ala $120 -- and I said, you didn't tell me you talked to my boss? He said, I didn't. Which automatically meant that P's friend - visiting from another country, where apparently any ringing phone is an opportunity to chat -- had not only answered my work phone, but had talked to my boss. Good god. Of course my boss wasn't calling to chitchat, he was calling to tell me that his boss got canned today.

So there's that. I'll post the scale picture later, and maybe an update.