Right, I forgot to update you on said foot condition and my eating this week.

Largely clean, with a little cheat one night and a helluva cheat meal last night. People are telling me I'm looking good. I'm in my skinny jeans and can breathe even when I sit down, so I take that as a sign of success.

Little cheat = Whole Foods' Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. Actually was terrifyingly, unsatisfyingly sweet. Curse you Eat Clean Diet, now my palate is all refined and shizzle.

Helluva cheat meal = Girls night is every Thursday night. My beloved girlfriends here, Laura and Becky, and I get together. (Pause to wave at girls! HI GIRLS! They've been threatened with flogging if they don't read the blog) Some weeks we walk; some we run, some we get our nails done. Last night we went to Target (the 2-story one!) and then out for pizza. I was so proud of myself for not spending unnecessary $ at Target, btw. We found this amazing pizza place and ordered, ahem, the Stromboli Pizza, with TWO KINDS of sausage, pepperoni, etc. It was RIDICULOUS. The crust was HUGE! I'm sure it had a ZILLION calories. I had two slices and packed the rest to take home for Mr. Man, the world's biggest pizza fan. THEN I came home and had about oh, 5 oz of white wine with DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS. It was awesome and ridiculous all at the same time. I have my food packed today and I'm back on track, and am going to try to sneak in a quick HIIT on the bike. HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. Basically I start at level 0, then increase the level every minute until I get to level 5, then go back to level 1 and start over. I do this for 20 minutes, and the sweat POURS off me. Good stuff.

Foot update: Is it time for more ibuprofen yet? And I think limping actually makes it worse, so I'm trying to walk normal.