One Medium Latte Later...

Ok, I'm leaving early today. I came in at 8, had a meeting, then another meeting, then three more meetings. Then I sat here and got all negative. Then I went to Peet's and got a SF, skim vanilla latte, which obviously had rocket fuel in it, as I'm typing this at lightning speed.

Before I dash off for my shoulders/back + HIIT workout, here are a few thing things that are going well. Yup, it's the brighter side of things post:

  • My foot is MUCH better. Thank you Superfeet. I'm hoping to be able to do the elliptical trainer Monday, so that I'm not a bike-fatigue by then.
  • The work kudos just keep coming and coming. Finally.
  • My boss' new boss is some super big shot, and actually understands what we do. This will be a HUMONGOUS improvement over the previous dude.
  • I have a romantic date with Peter planned tonight. It involves -- what else! -- cheap wine and a movie. Sweet.
  • I just told my workout buddy I'll be down in the gym tonight; he gave me the thumbs up. He's a dude -- this is surely a sign of affection. Awwww workout buddy, I missed you too!
I'm off to sweat out the rest of my bad mood. Bad mood begone!