It's Gonna Be a Good Day

I knew it was going to be a good day when I woke up to the news that Al Gore and the IPCC won the Nobel Peace Prize. I love my Al Gore. I love what he's done for the cause. Also, one of the economists that works for my organization is on the IPCC. Yay.

I also knew it was going to be a good day because my jeans are much looser today than when I wore them 6 days ago. Clean Eating, why do I ever doubt you. It really, really works. Really. There's no magic or secret. It just works.

Then I went to a kickass meeting first-thing this morning, with co-workers who are actually helpful. This is rare here. Then I went to another meeting, which was also really great because I was running my ideas past this fantastic lady, and she gave me helpful feedback along with lots of positive reinforcement. I really am just like Mrs. Baylee. AND she told me to scout out which new cubicle I wanted. These are the new fancy cubicles with places to hang your coats and much, much more working space. While scouting, I realized I'd be neighbors with a lady I really like, and she seemed genuinely excited about me moving over. She also thanked me for contributing to a conference call this week; where I stepped out of character and basically told the group the virtues of what I do. (It's hard to learn, yet important: no one is ever going to be a bigger cheerleader for you then you. Well maybe in my case my mom, and Megan. But unfortunately I can't have them testify that I'm good at what I do. I have to show these people that I'm good at what I do. So I did.)

THEN I checked the cafeteria menu and they had a flank steak salad on the menu with dijon vinagrette. Woo-woo!

THEN I saw this guy who's generally dismissive and kindof an ass, and he said Thank you for weighing in on a conference call yesterday. These guys never say thank you for anything, so this was very significant.

I'm celebrating all of this happy stuff with a Diet Coke. And then I get to wheel the recycle bin over and start purging my old cube, as I'm movin on up.


  1. Megan2:12 PM

    So glad you had a good day. No one deserves it more. And thanks for the plug!


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