It still amazes me how much in my head gets sorted out through writing. It's like everything is a mess in my brain, all jumbly and disorganized, then I start writing and it forces me to get things organized. And it's interesting to me to know how much of my subconscious thoughts/feelings creep into my writing, without me even knowing it. For example, I can be having a cr@ppy morning and let's say I'm writing an email to someone who I don't talk to that much, and I want to give a landscape overview of how things are going with me. I write. I put things in perspective, and voila, cr@ppy morning over.

My foot is Ok. Not great, ok. There's a ton of conflicting information out there, but the general consensus is that biking is ok, the running, jumping, lunging, etc. is not. I'm pretty sure I have identified the straw that broke the camel's back. I was in the gym in DC 2 weeks ago, doing these: But I've been using 8 lb weights in each hand (total weight = 16), and the gym didn't have those. So I picked up the 10 lb weights (total weight = 20), and lowered my reps. Only here's the crazy part: instead of using a step aerobics bench, as seen in the link above, I stepped onto a weight bench, which is wayyyy taller. Like 4-6 inches taller. Just like this guy. Only I'm significantly shorter than him. And methinks I got on my tip toes to cheat, cause those were hard.

I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm icing it, and am doing stretches everytime I get up to get water or go to the bathroom, which is about every hour.

My weight was up at least 2 lbs -- I'll post the picture tonight. I weighed in the dark, so I don't know if it was up 2.0 or 2.8. I'm trying not to freak out and get back on track. Who knows what the next weeks will have in store without cardio, and next week I'll be in a dude ranch with not a lot of access to my favorite menus, and plenty of access to amazing food and wine wine wine. But this week, I'm vowing to stay on target, get in my workouts, and Move On.