I'm That Girl

For some weird reason this week I felt like Mrs. Baylee might not be with us for much longer, and that this could be her last trip to Petsmart's Petshotel, where we always take her when we head out of town. I can't explain why, it was just this terrible feeling in my gut.

In case you haven't noticed it's been an emotional week. Settling into newlywed life is tough sometimes; I often compare it to breaking in a new pair of shoes. Love the shoes. So glad I got them. Can't imagine what I ever did without the shoes. But dammit I've got blisters.

So it should come to no surprise to you that with the topsy turvy week, I broke out sobbing when we dropped Mrs. B off tonight. I'm that girl, apparently. Too attached to her dog. Too emotional to actually be able to talk. I told Mrs. B how much joy she brought to my life and how much I loved her. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, and the pit in my stomach was just emotional debris from the week. I vow to officially announce my crazy if that's the case.

Here's some pictures of da girl.