I'm Back in the Saddle

Actually out of the saddle, but you knew what I meant. I'm back. Arkansas was the most fun I've ever had on a vacation. It feels surreal to be back -- 48 hours ago, my beloved horse Scout and I were galloping up a hill. Galloping. That's right. This chick doesn't mess around. The week was amazing. I fell down a flight of stairs my first day, and subsequently had a bruise the size of a grapefruit (maybe bigger?) on my ass. Peter was bucked off of his horse on Day 2, so we had competing bruises and soreness. Wednesday my period arrived 5 days early -- apparently it's highly suggestive to other's schedules, so it switches whenever I'm in the general vicinity of another menstrual female. Great. So I was doubled over from cramps and super grouchy that day. But other than that, it was so insanely fun and I would HIGHLY recommend going there. GO!

I will admit that I arrived in Arkansas last week full of California smug and ready to snicker at the southern accents. Folks, I'm here to tell you, I really like the south. I was wrong. Really wrong. There's something so charming about the people, the lifestyle. The traditions can be folksy and icky, but I really liked the simplicity of it. We didn't have cell phone coverage or television, and internet/computer access was extremely limited. And it was great. Really great. I'm not saying we're pulling up roots and headed for the south, but I'm not taking a position of NO WAY IN HELL anymore.

The eating was not clean. I tried, I really did. Thursday was insanity; I forgot to bring my Fiber One with me for breakfast and proceeded to spend the entire day as if I was in an eating contest. Cinnamon roll. Cookies (2). Warm brownie with chocolate sauce. Fried fish. Tartar sauce. Hush puppies. God I felt sick the next day.

The upside was that apparently horseback riding and rock climbing burn tons of calories. I LOVED horseback riding and liked rock climbing just fine. Great times were had. Stay tuned for pictures!