Hi, I'm not sure if we've met

I had my body fat measured at the gym tonight. Right. I'm trying to remember it's a number and a starting point, not the end of the world.

Oh and ahem, didja catch that? I joined a gym tonight. A real gym, with people. Peter had a membership, so I added myself for an extra $38 a month. Sweet. I was astonished at the misinformation the trainers gave; really. Astonished. The whole fat-burning zone and lower weight and higher reps. I'll be sticking with Corinne's advice, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Come on! share the number! I have no idea what sort of body fat composition I have. How did they test it?
    They actually said high reps low weight? That's sad. I always thought it was just the public that was misinformed, not the actual TRAINERS!

  2. Ok fine: it's 31.65. I'm officially made of marshmallow. Or SkinnyFat, as Corinne would say. I'm in a size 6/8, yet a fatass.

  3. I would never have guessed that from your wedding pictures. Don't worry about it. If you're happy with how you look, you know better than to let a number tell you how to feel.
    Do you have a lot of weight in your butt? I think pear shaped people generally have more fat even though they can look fine.
    Also, think of it as a during number. Now you can compare with something and see your progress right?

  4. Thanks. Me too. I remember a few years ago (gah! it's been 5 actually since I think about it) I had it taken and it was 34%, and I've worn the same size fat suit for years -- the highest my weight has ever been was 145. So I wasn't shocked last night; but I was surprised it wasn't lower given all of my newfound muscles from Corinne's routines. God only knows what it was before I started. Shudder the thought! And hey, I promise I'll weigh this week for the Christmas challenge -- I've been off the wagon, scale-wise. :)


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