The Guns

1. Are you watching Private Practice, the spin-off of Grey's Anatomy? I like it, but don't love it so far btw.
2. If you are, have you seen the guns on these chicks? DUDE! They're totally inspiring. To have one's arms look all toned and flexy even when you're not flexing is um, serious hard work. I'm hitting my arm workout today -- watch out girls, I'm comin after ya!


  1. Dude.. I can't believe Amy's goddamn guns! I have got to start doing something about my bat wings. (I've done great with weight loss but toning not so much.)
    Mr F was just asking me why I don't watch this and was like... "do you know who is in it?" Umm I completely forgot about Amy... and just so you know a little of me died when Judging Amy went off the air... I've got to go Tivo!

    You may never find this... but I just found your site :)


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