The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Here's the progress report for the day:

The good: Things settled down at work and I got the thumbs up to move to a non-morgueish building.

The bad: Plantar Fasciitis has sidelined my activities. Apparently it's going around, click here and here. (Note especially the comments on that last post, several people have the dreaded PF). Damn. This means no running or cardio (silent cheer followed by fears of becoming hugely fat lady), other than the bike. No jumping. No hopping.

The ugly: Those weird white spots on my chest? Yeah, that's not sun damage folks, it's a SKIN FUNGUS. Pause to vomit. I have to go DRIVE to Safeway (.1 miles away, cause I'm supposed to stay off this foot) to get some Selsun Blue to take a shower in it and let it soak in for 10 minutes for one week, then repeat in two weeks, then repeat in a month. I've heard of this -- the fungus, not the Selsun Blue -- before -- remember that Farm Girl I lived with in Annapolis? Bless her heart, she scurried for cover when ever she'd have to go "downtown." Anyway, she had this really weird boyfriend, who 10 years older than her (she was 22 at the time), who was totally rebounding from his messy divorce (in my opinion), and who one time I totally showed up because he didn't know how to handle a drill. And apparently he got this weird fungus for not washing his workout clothes enough. Ahem. I confess that occasionally I let my sports bra "air" out and then wear it the next day -- especially if it's an arm/chest/back/shoulders day, where sorry to say it, Corinne, I just don't sweat that much (but I work hard!)

So now I'm totally grossed out, and I'm sorry Al Gore, I'm washing my workout clothes in hot water, dammit. I know that sometimes its not necessary, and God help me, I am trying to reduce my environmental footprint on the world. But skin fungus is where I draw the line.


  1. Sorry about your foot and your fungus. I had some sort of fungus on my foot a long time ago and the cream I got for it didn't seem to help at all, eventually it went away but I sort of have this discoloration still. But mine looked nothing like yours (they thought it was ring worm but it wasn't itchy and not in a ring but I think I had a bad doctor)
    No jumping or running will be a nice break, think of it as such. Keep up with other workouts though!


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