Further Evidence that I Should Just Staple My Mouth Shut

I excitedly went and bought this today, with my 20% coupon, and using my own money, not a wedding gift credit. I was really sure that Javier or whatever his name was at 24 hour fitness was just SO wrong about my body fat reading.

Um, actually it appears that Javier's reading of my body fat was low. My new toy says that I'm not only 2 lbs heavier than my other scale, but a full three percentage points more fatty. I've read that water levels can make this number fluctuate, so I'll be conducting experiments all week (that's right, DAILY weigh ins) so figure out where my baseline is.

I'm not obsessed. Right.


  1. Your body fat can fluctuate by SEVERAL percentage points throughout the day. Evenings are usually lowest (not after working out or eating ... my manual says).. although anecdotally I have gotten lower readings after my workouts.
    When I got my new scale I weighed in all the freaking time!
    So yeah you need to weigh everyday until you establish when your best time of month is as well (your cycle effects your reading too).
    I of course like to weigh for weight in the AM and then sometimes I'll check the body fat at night..

  2. Water/hydration does factor in big time. You should do this the same time every day with out clothes on. Oh, and yes, your cycle does affect it too (like everything else) ;)

    Have a great week, and don't stress about this.

  3. Thanks gals! I'll post tomorrow with an update!

  4. Numbers aren't everything. I don't believe those things anyway. So there.


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