I confess: I've been *totally* slacking on my cardio workouts for the past, oh, 2 months? By slacking I mean not doing them. At all. I kept reading all this stuff about how cardio is really bad for you to justify it and assuage my guilt.

I read this post from Corinne's blog and thought, WHY WHY WHY do I have to? I threw a little internal tantrum (as I am 2 going on 34) and then thought about it for several hours (there's a reason why the banner on this page says I'm a little nuts) and then had the Eureka moment: because it gets results. If I want to stay pretty much the same, or improve only slightly ever so much, or say, reach my goals in 3-4 years, I can keep doing what I'm doing: somewhat sluggish strength training workouts 3x a week. If I want to reach my goals, I have to trust what she says (she's been there, done that) and work hard to get there.

The body fat reading yesterday was um, humbling and only reiterated my suspicious -- I have got to get moving. I've set a body weight target for the trip to Jamaica, and it's happening. Come hell or high water. I will look smoking in that bikini.

So I'm back to long cardio today, and am aiming for two other longer sessions this week, plus one day where I lift AND do a 20 min. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. I'm using Corinne's cardio book for inspiration, and am charging my ipod for ha! perspiration. Me funny.


  1. Okay I lost your blog for a while but now I found it agian. I mean I really did lose it.. I tried and tried to remember what it was called but alas to no avail... anyway I'm sure you've been losing sleep over this ;)

    Okay cardio... I hear ya and I've been there, for 3 damn years all I did was pilates (not wussy mat.. like on the equipment with a trainer) for 2 hours a week. And I was convinced that was good enough.. I was toned and strong (in theory) my body was leaner and I rationalized that there was somewhat of a cardio element to not breaking between moves. I maintained my weight blah,blah, blah.
    Now I know you've read my blog so you might already know all this and you are like "Mrs F don't you have your own damn blog?... go write over there!" If that is the case just close your eyes for the next paragraph or so...
    Okay this time around when I hit a plateau back in the beginning of the summer I decided to commit to cardio like 5 days a week for 60 minutes (crazy I know) I was thinking this would be temporary thing to see if it kicked up my weight loss. Oh My God yes it did. I was really only ever trying to get to my pre-pregs weight and then see if I could get to 118... now I weigh 113. I kept the cardio at the 60-70 min range, but now I'm only doing 3-4 days a week. I cannot even believe the difference, I am thinner than I ever thought possible, I mean almost like I have a different bone structure than I thought... does that make sense? I feel like a complete asshole for not having figured this out sooner and spending so many years wishing I was 5 pounds thinner or whatever.
    My point.. do it
    Cardio I love you hate you love you.
    No seriously, really give it a serious go, I am blown away by the difference... and now I can ease up a bit.
    here is what I do:
    I walk(seriously) at 3.0 (believe it) and I alternate my incline from 0 for 1/12th mile(thats about 1.3 minutes) to the highest I can do it and keep doing it for (right now 8) 1/12th mile repeat for 60-70 minutes. This has seriously toned my thighs.

    Okay sorry that was sooo freaking long but I had to testify!

  2. Welcome back! Now bookmark me, dammit. This is good to know, although I can say I think 5 days 60 minutes on top of the 3 days of 40-45 minutes of strength training might be a wee excessive. I'm going to work up to it. However, my freaking foot is acting up again, so my cardio options are limited to the snor-boring stationary bike. I did 30 minutes of intervals today, and my plan is to do 20 minutes of HIIT tomorrow in addition to my crazy lower body routine. Then Thursday if the foot permits, a hike is planned, foot pending. Friday = shoulder and back strength training plus 30 mins of cardio. Saturday = 45 mins of cardio. Sunday is my day off. I'm aiming for 4-5 sessions at all, then I'll increase the minutes/intensity. SO glad to know it'll work. Thanky thanky thanky.

  3. bookmarked.
    and I didn't know you changed your name... so I didn't realize it was you at my site... sorry!

    3-45 min strength sessions = a lot.. yeah fitting 5 days o' cardio in would be impossible. could you when your foot is better do 2 - 70 min cardio workouts? I really found the 70 min to kick ass on the 60 min workouts. And if I wasn't watching my beloved Tivo I couldn't keep the duration up that long..


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