Daily Howboutthat

Here's my howboutthat tidbit for the day: when we were in town for the wedding we rented a car. The car we got was a total trainwreck ghetto-of-a Taurus, complete with cigarette smell and trash in the car. No joke. So we traded it for a Subaru Outback, which I promptly fell in love with. This is also the car that was the linchpin of the now-famous joke, where I told Pete that the reason why I rented a white station wagon was that so I could drape a giant veil on the roofrack and process around the twisty turny streets of Delaware in true bridal fashion. Pete's response: one single staccato fart. I am not kidding. It was one of the funniest things he's ever done/said.

So anyway. I returned the car with 7/8 of tank of gas, cause we were running hella late. I knew that the gas they charge is $7 a gallon. I figured it would cost about $10 with tax and whatever stupid charges they would add on. I decided it was worth it to not try to find a gas station near the airport and subsequently have to RUN to the gate to catch our flight.

Ahem, then I got a bill for $131.12.

Right. Let's do the math there people: that would be for 18.13 gallons of gas. Does the tank even hold that?

So I called HERTZ and said, um wtf? I said, I'm positive the car only needed one more gallon of gas -- I would not have returned it completely bone-dry empty. I figured they'd fight me and ask for proof -- I have none, shoulda used the cell phone camera, so I was all prepared to go medieval on them.

But they said they'd issue a full refund. No problem.

Which makes me wonder, what if I hadn't called?

Which makes me mad. Companies shouldn't be able to do this.