Cartoon Drawings

Stick figure drawings have always struck me as absolutely hilarious. In high school Siobhan O'Connell (now Siobhan Hawkins -- Siobhan, if you've googled yourself and found this, hello!) and I would trade hilarious cartoons of her overbearing Scottish mother lurking behind doors waiting to scold her at ever turn. One summer my sister and I traded cartoons over the fax machine (this was 1992); I still have them and they still make me laugh hysterically.

Its no wonder that this post made me laugh so hard I silently shook in my cube here at work. Go to the Marathon Training Incident post. Hilarious!

I think I'll start drawing cartoons to illustrate future posts.


  1. Thank you. I needed a good laugh right now and those drawings certainly provided them. Did you want to start faxing one another stick figure drawings? I think it might help.:)


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