So Disgusted

It started with a few nibbles here, a few nibbles there. Then a chocolate chip cookie, and whoops, here's another one. Then pancakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner-- I even ordered the salad but didn't eat it.

I've been doing some SERIOUS comfort eating this weekend, and can't figure out exactly why. I suspect the revolving door of houseguests is getting to me, thankfully it ends tomorrow. No offense to any of our houseguests, they're all wonderful, but it's hard to share your house for three weeks.

I've promised myself to stay OP this week, with my cheat meal Thursday. Enough is enough. No more excuses. I feel awful, physically -- my stomach is soooo upset, so it wasn't even worth it.

I tried on the goal bikini and while it doesn't look train-wreck tragic, I'm not ready to take pictures in it just yet. But I'll be weighing in the a.m. and will take a picture of the reading in the a.m.

Night night.


  1. Well at least you've learned what eating like that does to you right? Move on. Eat some veggies and settle your tummy.
    I think you should take a picture in your goal bikini, you don't need to post it yet, but you should take a picture, it can be your before.


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