So I thought I was doing surprisingly well in the stress-management department, despite the roller coaster of emotion I've felt over the past few days. Up. Down. Repeat. We are packed and ready to go tonight; I went to print our boarding passes and the USAirways site said there was an error, and it couldn't find our flight. I called and was on hold for FOREVER, so I read over our reservation again. Right.

We're leaving SUNDAY night, not tonight. Our *great* housesitter is all lined up. Peter's been working like a dog to get the house cleaned and everything in order for his parents' visit.

I suppose it's nice to have an unanticipated 48 hours with nothing to do but relax. But I'm bummed -- and I know Mom you were bummed too -- about not getting to lollygag and play on Saturday and Sunday. I guess it happened for a reason.