New Goals

So my goal of looking smokin' hot at the wedding is going really well. I'm a size 6-8 now, vs. an 8-10 previously, and I actually bought some lingerie in size small the other day. SMALL. Dude!

There's a fear in the back of my head that once the wedding is over, I'll go back to my banana-pancake-eatin free-for-all and reverse all of my hard work. So I'm setting new goals. Are you ready? I am. * but please note I'm not starting the work on these until post-wedding. And even then, I'm not telling you when I'm starting cause then I'll get all worked up about fulfilling the goals for YOU vs. ME. And it's all about me, people. :)

Goal 1:

Read and follow Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet. While I despise the word DIET because it connotes a temporary behavioral change vs. the reality of making lifestyle changes being the only way true weight loss and health happen, my favorite trainer recommends this book. It's very, very similar to the Weight Watchers Core Program, minus the 35 points for booze and chocolate. I think you have 2 "cheat-meals" a week. I also hate this term CHEAT, because if they're allowed, why is called cheating? I prefer calling it an OFF-PLAN meal. Maybe I'll write a book about all this stuff someday. Ok anyway, so I'm going to follow this, which is basically only eating foods that are natural and close to their natural sources, i.e. brown rice instead of granola bars (no matter how justifiably fiber-rich) with brown rice syrup. Limit sugar and alcohol. Cut out Diet Cokes.

(sound of record scratching)

WHAT? NO more diet cokes?

That's right. I'm kicking 'em to the curb. I'll still do coffee in the a.m., and can't imagine not having caffeine before my workout (my secret weapon for getting SO EXCITED about working out), but the DC has got to go. It's not good for me, and frankly it's not good for the planet. All of those plastic bottles require quite a bit of petroleum to make and ship them round the world.

Which brings me to:

Goal 2

String bikini by honeymoon. As you know, there wasn't much of a honeymoon after our wedding in February, considering I had to be in Knoxville the next day. After this wedding, Peter's parents and brother are coming to California and staying with us for 2 weeks (and his brother for an additional week). So we're going to Maui in February to celebrate surviving our first year of marriage. And I will refuse to either not be in pictures, scowl at Peter for taking pictures, or cry after seeing myself in a bathing suit in pictures any longer. And I've always wanted to wear a string bikini. So I'm going to buy one in a smaller size very soon, and work towards making it fit (and feeling confident and gorgeous in it).

I'm purchasing Phase 2 of the Big Mo Training Program from aforementioned fabulous trainer, and while I'm considering taking up running again as my main source of cardio, I can't say I enjoy it enough to do that. So these goals might be enough.

Until next time.


  1. Hey Lady...I call it splurge meal. My client Lisa said it made her feel better when she thought of it as splurging on herself versus cheating on herself. :)


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