How Did the Move Go?

I'm not sure how to answer that, frankly. It was a move. There are boxes everywhere. We can't find most things that we really would like to find. The couch is in the dining room, and is our current spot for meals, as we have no table and chairs yet. Today I woke up sad, and told Pete I had to take a hiatus from unpacking for an hour or so tonight to go to the gym. I can't skip it people -- it's my ticket to sanity. Expect a more upbeat post later in the week. Until then, here's what's going on:

The move was rocky. Here's my review of the movers if you want to read it: overall, I don't think I would recommend them. I don't need sass or to hear about how bad of a day you've had dude, just move my freaking stuff.

Mrs. B has proclaimed the new place wonderful, as it has carpets and she can lay virtually anywhere in complete comfort. We can't find the pots and pans to boil rice for her, so she gets to eat a wide variety of things everyday, which brings an element of surprise to post-meal walks. I often wonder why I didn't bring a spoon.

Has anyone had any luck with TemperPedic mattress toppers? I've heard they can get hot, and already I'm having nightmares at the new place cause it's too hot in the bedroom. P wants to get a temperpedic mattress topper but I'm nervous about it. Please advise.

That's all I can think of. My camera's batteries are dead and I'm not sure where the camera actually is, so as soon as I find it and get batteries, I'll take pictures. P has taken some pictures; I'll have him post them.

Until next time...