Three Days!

Three days until my first dress fitting! GULP!

I know you're keeping track of my fitness routine (right?) so here's the update. I spent a lot of time (ok maybe too much) reading about the benefits of lifting weights vs. cardio. See, I had amped up my cardio to 6 days a week, with running HARD for 45 minutes (run/walk intervals, yes, but faster than my usual pace) three days a week. And I wasn't seeing much in the way of results. I started in January or February, and the results have been good, just not what one would expect for bustin butt that much. So I started a modest workout routine, provided by the hideously bright orange The Abs Diet book. I know one of the co-authors, so I'm partial to it. Although I do find the tone annoying after a while.

Anyhoo, they have a basic strength training routine in the back of their book. I started doing it, with lighter weights, cause I didn't want to bulk up. And the results were pretty great, and much faster and more substantial than with cardio.

So I did all this research; the conclusion of which is that friends, I'm a lifting weights maniac. Watch out! Rather than light weights, I use weights that allow me to do only 8-10 reps, and three sets of those. It's brutal, but really, I've seen more results -- meaning muscle definition and a change in shape -- in two weeks than in two months of running. I kid you not. I feel much more confident about my shape -- we all know I've got "issues" with my body -- and closer to being ready to get into a bikini and parade around with 20-year-old au pairs (part of the Young Scandinavians Club).

And the dress fitting is three days away, and hopefully it will be great.