Is this how people grow up?

I used to think that people made a choice to grow up, like making a choice not to drink Diet Coke or something. However, since I've had several things forced upon me lately, and they're making me grow up. Like driving the Prius. The car is by far the nicest, fanciest thing I've ever owned and I'm so terrified of wrecking it I drive it like it's made of eggshells. I used to drive like a maniac in the Civic -- eating a sandwich, talking on the phone, drinking coffee, all while maneuvering the stick shift through San Francisco's hills and sometimes making sure Mrs. B has enough space in the window to stick her head out.

Only now I set the cruise control to 63 mph and head down the peninsula for work in the a.m., then back up in the evenings. That's right, 63 mph. You can watch on the Prius to see if you're getting good gas mileage, and dangit, those science teachers were right all those years; by driving the speed limit you actually get better gas mileage.

So now I'm driving like a total gramma. I guess this is growing up. Sigh.