I am the worst partier ever

Actually, make that the worst drinker ever. I cannot, can-not hold my liquor, as they say. Peter summed it up perfectly today: "It's like you want to night to be the best ever, and once you have a drink or two, all judgement and reason goes right out the window."

It's totally true. We had our party last night for our California friends (a lot of them from the Young Scandinavians Club), and I went from happy to blurry to slippers to laying on the bed, in my dress, while some of our close friends were still here. I've decided that I'll have one glass of champagne at the September wedding, but that's it. There's too many family and friends that I want to see, and I don't want any of it to be blurry. It's a good thing we're having so many weddings; we get lots of room to iron out the kinks.