A scary day and night!

See that smiling man on the left? He gave us quite a scare yesterday.

Here's what happened: he text messaged me saying that he was having really bad stomach pains. I called him to tell him to take some Tums, figuring it was gas. But he sounded like he was in serious, not-joking-around, not-gas pain. I asked him to describe it, and his breathing was all weird, like someone was punching him or something. I told him to hail a cab and go to the hospital -- i didn't know if it was an ulcer or appedicitis or a kidney stone or what. But I figured it was serious for him to be in that much pain. I called him back a few minutes later to see if he had hailed a cab -- he hadn't, he was lying in bed. I started to get really scared, so naturally I called my mom, who told me to tell him to call 9-1-1. He did. The paramedics came. I raced home. The paramedics checked his vitals -- all fine. Still, he was in a lot of pain, so I took him to the ER.

Several hours and tests later, the CAT scan showed a renal infarction. Infarction, if you recall from health class, is the medical term for a heart attack -- a myocardial infarction, that is. A renal infarction meant that there was some type of blockage of blood flow to the kidney. The kidney is covered in a membrane that has tons of nerves, so when the kidney became inflamed, the nerves sounded the alarm -- which is good. He's had a battery of tests, and the results of some of them won't be known for 1-2 weeks, so they discharged him. They think it might be a fluke thing from being too dehydrated a few weeks ago. They're pretty sure he doesn't have a clotting disorder, but they're waiting for the test results to come back.

In the meanwhile, he's on blood thinners to make sure he doesn't have any more clots, and the CAT scan didn't show any other signs of blockage. And his heart looks fine -- one theory was that it could have been blockage from his heart that scraped off and traveled down to his kidney. Regardless, given the seriousness of blood clots, blockages and what-not, we were really freaking out. His parents were beside themselves. My parents were too. But all is Ok now. He's back at home with me, resting comfortably. We didn't get much sleep last night; we huddled in the hospital bed, which has to be the worst mattress I've ever slept on. So we're headed to bed early, and are relieved and really excited for Monday.


  1. God bedring, Peter! Bra du har Heather til å passe på deg. And best of luck with the wedding today, to the both of you :-)


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